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Last night was great. You drank, you gambled, you ran around naked, you hooked up with a girl/guy or three-- too bad you can't remember it. Waking up in a hotel bed isn't so bad but...

Who the hell is that person next to you?

And why does your mouth taste like cotton and dish cleaner?

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Peter Venkman | Ghostbusters

[Sleeping under a pile of dirty clothes... I'm sure.]

/SCREAMS PETERRRRRR er well I guess that's what Angela did last night

[tugs the blankets her way]

[Suddenly, he's very cold. Possible paranormal activity? Upon opening his eyes and inspecting further... no. ...but hello there, who's this?

Stares for a while, then clears his throat.]

[She groans and rolls towards the warm body]

[Still trying to figure out who she is. Christ, what did he do last night?]


[She cracks open an eye and then winces. Her head is pounding. And she rubs her face before trying to sit up with a moan.]

What did we do last night?

Hm. Well, from the looks of things I'd say we were up all night playing Scrabble. And from your headache, I can guess that we might have got some Monopoly in, too.

[She laughs and rubs her face again, sitting up and pulling the sheet up over her]

By the looks of it, I think you may be right. I just don't remember any of it.

Are you sure? Maybe you just lost every round and are trying to cover it up.

Sweetie, we're naked. I'm pretty sure I won.

So we are.

...are you sure? This seems like something I would ask for as a grand prize.

I'd ask for the same thing, probably. [smirks]

A nice, innocent girl like you? Nah.

That proves you don't remember last night either.

So you're saying that you were purposefully bad at Scrabble.

I guess so. [she sits up more] So... I'm sort of blanking on the specifics of last night. Care to clue me in?

Hm, sure. I remember a liquor store, and nothing else.

Yeah, I don't even remember that. [holds out her hand for him] Angela Montenegro.

[Takes her hand, shaking it.]

Doctor Peter Venkman.

A doctor? A doctor of what? [she hangs out with enough doctors to know she should ask]

Psychology and parapsychology. Impressed yet?

Psychology, yes. But parapsychology? I didn't know you could get a doctorate in the paranormal.

Edited at 2010-01-27 01:07 am (UTC)

Okay, so maybe that one's not real.

But I am an expert.

And what do you do, Miss Montenegro?

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